Shooting Down Drones With the Kinect

I’ve started working on a new project, to shoot down quadcopters and drones, primarily using an Xbox 360 Kinect. The idea started as a joke back in 2014, shortly after Amazon released its Amazon Prime Air video that went viral. A friend and I came up with the idea, as a joke, of course, to go after the drones for their items. Finally, a few weeks ago, I remembered that idea and thought it would be fun to build it.

Although it isn’t finished yet, it uses 2 nema 23 stepper motors, 2 stepper motor drivers, an Arduino Mega(way overkill) and a 24V 10A power supply. I had all these laying around from a previous project which didn’t work out. Eventually, I plan on attaching an EMP device, although the original plan was to use a HERF gun. The reason I changed my mind is because an EMP isn’t harmful against humans, and also allows me to release a lot of energy in a burst. Also, I’m going to mount a Mini ITX board on it, because right now I have to connect it to my desktop whenever I want to use it.

I wrote the code from scratch in C#. It communicates via Serial to the Arduino and uses the Kinect SDK. Furthermore, it has a graphical interface that allows me to see what the kinect sees, and also shows if it’s moving up, down, left, right, or is in the correct position already. Basically, it finds the object that is closest that is still within $minDist and $maxDist, and moves the Kinect accordingly so it is within $threshold of the center. These are the only 3 configurable variables.

I designed the frame myself, and 3D printed it. The frame mounts onto a large wooden stand that I found in my basement. It’s very sturdy, and if a part ever breaks, I can just print a new one!

The total cost of this project, so far, would be around $150, but with more appropriately sized parts, it would be possible for less than $75. These figures are in CAD and they only include the electronics/the motors. Of course, the EMP device is what will cost the most, due to the capacitor bank it will need.

I don’t ever plan on using this on drones, because that would be extremely illegal and a terrible idea in general. This is nothing more than a proof of concept and should not be attempted.

Here are some pictures and a video in operation. Due to the clutter in my room, it kept losing focus on me. Outdoors, it works much better, which is where it will be operated anyway.

Photo-2015-12-12-17-47-03_0851 Photo-2015-12-12-17-47-10_0852 Photo-2015-12-12-17-47-18_0853 Photo-2015-12-12-17-47-21_0854

Update: I have uploaded all the files to github. Currently, it is going through a major redesign. Also, I’ve created a page on